BREED: Shepherd/Husky/Pitbull mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 8 weeks as of Nov.19
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium when full grown
HISTORY: Found 3 weeks of age under abandoned care parts in harsh environment, cold, hungry, shivering, and eyes just open. Mother was nearby in a dirt hole keeping an eye on her 6 puppies. We learned one did not survive the cold but the others and the mother all saved and in wonderful foster homes awaiting a furever one!
TEMPERAMENT: Shy, playful & calm.
PECKING ORDER: Can be dominant with other members of her litter, she is the leader of the pack. She is the smartest, pushes her way the most. Figures things up. Plays the roughest.
PERSONALITY: She’s a happy go lucky puppy with a spicy side. She loves to play with her sister and then relax with her human! Outgoing puppy. Loves exploring outside in nicer weather. She checks out all the leaves, twigs, everything! Super curious.
BEST MATCH: Ivy is looking for a moderately active home, someone who can give her the stimulation she needs. She’d love a sibling! Experienced dog owner since Ivy is the boldest of the litter. Needs owner who can set rules and boundaries, be a firm but fair leader. Get Ivy well socialized daily and exercised, Daily….no couch potatoes! Dog parks a must! Experienced with reward based training and proper discipline when misbehaving.
FAVORITE THINGS: Stuffed duck toy & puppy kong (anything food related). Playing with siblings or other small playful dogs. Getting cuddles. Investigating.

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