Jericho (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Golden Retriever mix
AGE: 1.5 year old
HISTORY: This exceedingly gorgeous shy and sweet loving boy now named Jericho was found when we were called out for help on First Nations. He was so scared. Hunkering down at restaurant he found that provided food, water and security, he found a spot to hide from other dogs attacking him due to lack of food. Un-neutered males going after his shy temperament due lack of food in the territory. He was found cowering behind a restaurant air conditioning unit. The restaurant called for help.
TEMPERAMENT: Very loveable and sweet now that he has a chance in home with a wonderful understanding foster mom. Low ranking. Submissive. Good for first time pet owners. Great with families with children with little dogs or cats.
PERSONALITY: Sweetest, most calm boy, so lovely he is. Very sensitive, loving. Jericho now loves love! His shy personality has now blossomed after learning caring people are trustworthy. He had not been raised as a pupy with anybody caring for him. Any sort of affection is the best thing ever for this guy. He is working on leash walking and ow excelling along as getting exercise. He’s the best boy you can ever imagine. He learns quickly as you teach him. Jericho is Friendly, Adorable! Gorgeous! Loving!
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: Good, very sweet.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Very good! Jericho is a out of ten after fosterer helped him recover.
PETS NEEDS: Ongoing socialization to new places. Dog park outings, walks, rides in cars to new places.
BEST MATCH: Any person or family looking for an adventure buddy AND snuggle buddy mixed into one. Easy going, calm environment. He’s a sensitive boy.
FAVORITE THINGS: Head scratches, cheese. Security. Walks. Outings. Love. Hikes.someone that loves him.

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