PLEASE NOTE: We looking for a home with river and JJ together. They are a bonded couple of kittens that really enjoy each other and want to see them be together.

BREED: Domestic short hair
AGE: 6 weeks old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Estimate medium when full grown
HISTORY: Surrender.
PERSONALITY: Playful and snuggly, very loving, likes to cuddle in your neck.
HOW FRIENDLY TOWARDS PEOPLE: JJ loves attention and after a good play session he loves to curl up close to his human for a nap.
MEDICAL CONCERNS/CONDITION OF TEETH: No health concerns and excellent teeth.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: JJ needs a playful friend with lots of energy. He is getting used to his harness and loves to have some outdoor time.
WHERE DOES CAT SLEEP: JJ likes to sleep on anything soft including the big human bed and his small cat bed.
BEST MATCH: Would love to be in a home with another cat to play with. JJ would also love a safe outdoor space to soak up some sun.
FAVORITE THINGS: JJ hasn’t come across a cat toy he doesn’t love. He loves wand toys, lasers, tunnels and climbing on his cat tree.

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