GENDER: Female
APPROX/ AGE: 3 years old
SIZE: Medium/Large
HISTORY: Came from a group of 6 rescued from deplorable conditions in Qatar, mid-east, on a Sheik’s breeding farm. Caged 3 and bred too many times. We have photos if want to view them.
Temperament: She’s good with most others, not over energetic.
really sweet and affectionate once she knows you, lives with 4 other huskies now and gets along well.
Personality: A cute personality, needs to trust you due to her terrible background with people, can be a bit standoffish till she knows you. She just needs to be given a chance and realize, people are good, not like where she was found and rescued.
Small dogs: She is fine.
Children: Probably not the best match since can knock little kids over. Needs basic training and manners.
Cats: No! We were told she could herd them and has prey drive towards cats.
FAVORITE THINGS: Likes to chew chews.
BEST MATCH: A couple or individual would suite her best, give her the attention she never really got, teach basics, take on snowy adventures in winter, hiking, biking, frequent dog parks. Definitely an ALPHA female, wants to be the boss, an experienced owner would be good, strong personality, but once she knows you she’s a lovebug.

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