Paisley (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Border Collie/Mastiff  mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 6 weeks old
HISTORY: Rescued at 3 weeks of age from burned out trailer.
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large (when full grown)
TEMPERAMENT: Super loving, curious, playful, outgoing.
PERSONALITY: Loves attention, other dogs, activity. Middle ranking puppy.
BEST MATCH: Adopter that has another dog for her to play with. Will take her when larger to dog parks and get her exercise and work on recall, basic training, rules and boundaries, and proper discipline to teach her how to be a great pet that she already is. And experience large breed owner is helpful or an adopter very dedicated and has leadership skills. And adopter who has time to take her to the dog parks and outings in car rides and socialization all over town and take on adventures with them and be part of the family.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with her siblings. Eating lots of food, playing with her toys, getting cuddles. She’s a silly funny very sweet girl.

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