Poppy (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shepherd/Pitbull mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 4.5 months old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Rescued from the bitterly cold weather we were having here in the Alberta Foothills (up to ~ -48+C wind chills). Freezing cold, skinny, starving, scared with no protection from the elements at all!
TEMPERAMENT: Timid, shy, quiet, sweet, gentle, smart.
PERSONALITY: Affectionate & playful once confident in her foster home.
PETS NEEDS: Looking for someone to set rules & boundaries. Teach basic training. Get lots of exercise going on walks & hikes. Socialization going to dog parks, pet stores & just getting out to experience all the world has to offer.
BEST MATCH: Active, loving family.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food, toys, cuddles. Being warm & fed & loved.

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