BREED: Pitty mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: May 8, 2024
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium when full grown
PERSONALITY: Portia is a sassy and confident little lady among her siblings, always instigating playtime and loves a good wrestle! Portia is careful when learning about the world and adores attention but needs a little encouraging when experiencing life events for the first time such as car rides and meeting new people, places. When she comes out of her shell she is an energetic and clever puppy always watching and learning. She is very thoughtful of people.

At 9 weeks old the puppies are growing fast and learning faster, they can’t wait to meet their forever families. They know “Sit”, “Gentle” and are reluctantly learning “Leave it!”. They adore meeting new humans of all ages and dogs of all sizes. They are slowly getting used to rides in the car while gaining confidence in new spaces. Being outside and wrestling with one another or playing with their toys has them in their happy place and they all sleep through the night with barely any accidents, using the pee pad if they cant make it outside. They are all currently located in Calgary.

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