PLEASE NOTE: We looking for a home with river and JJ together. They are a bonded couple of kittens that really enjoy each other and want to see them be together.

BREED: Tortie
GENDER: Female
AGE: 8 weeks old
HISTORY: Found in wooded area and when saw people on other side of river, jumped in and swam over!!
SIZE & WEIGHT: 2 lbs  (will be small to medium when full grown)
TEMPERAMENT: Very playful and snuggly.
PERSONALITY: River is a very outgoing kitty (of course!)  She jumped in a river to swim to other side for help and to be with people! As with most kittens she is very playful and enjoys the other kittens in foster care too.
BEST MATCH: River will fit into any home but she would do best being adopted with her big foster brother kitty JJ. They spend their time playing and napping together.
FAVORITE THINGS: River loves wand toys, chasing and wrestling with JJ. River loves a good neck or chest to curl up on after a good play session. She is so affectionate we want her to go to a special home and hopefully with JJ. Cats love other cats in household for company, snuggling, sleeping and playing.

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