BREED: Maremma Sheep dog/Karelian Bear dog
AGE: Born: 5 years old
HISTORY: A surrender from a family with young boy who made loud noises in Rowdy’s face, grabbed and hit him with plastic bat. Parents unfortunately could not control the child. He was adopted and returned after the teenager in the household had anxiety and it caused anxiety in Rowdy. He arrived back to us very nervous and anxious. He is now not anxious, and started to play with a dog that makes him play, something previous owner said he would not do. He also goes to the dog park and enjoys it immensely, also something previous owners never did due to fear (which Rowdy then picked up on). He needs a calm, confident, experienced, adopter, with no anxiety, no issues and good common sense.
TEMPERAMENT: Rowdy can be anxious in over stimulating environments, hence he needs a calm home. He had a chaotic upbringing, passed on to many people after being abandoned when young, and still looking for his forever home. Rowdy sometimes barks if hears noises in near distance, warning barks. He stops after noise is gone. He is a good guard dog, not aggressive but not totally mellow. Reality do you to his past has anxiety which can trigger a bite to someone trying to reach to pet him if he does not feel safe. You can read his body language and seeing his eyes if he is feeling anxious. He’s pretty much an open book but he deafly need somebody that knows dogs and doesn’t want to be giving pets all the time and strangers won’t be petting him either. Even household family members need to respect his personal space. He’s comfortable not getting a lot of attention other than being with people. That’s not to say he doesn’t love getting pets and attention and is excited when he meets people he knows that love him he’s just unusual that way with people petting him when he’s not feeling comfortable with them. Anyone with anxiety issues makes him feel anxious. Dogs pick up on energy and Reality is no exception, and he can particularly pick up on if somebody is feeling out of sorts. He’s a very sensitive, Loving, devoted dog.
PERSONALITY: Rowdy can be goofy, loving, and playful. He is also on guard depending on what is going on. We need someone that is very mature and responsible and understands she has a history where she did not trust people approaching him to pet him or touch him. He elicits getting attention all the time but if he does not trust the person coming forward the adopter needs to be in a position to tell that person to not pet their dog. He’s a very one person type of dog although he can love many people but only people he knows that also show him compassion, Respect, and not overly affectionate. He’s not your average pet dog that you can give lots of hugs and kisses to you in have anybody come up and pet him. Rowdy is not that way. He wants his personal space but at the same time he wants to be with the person he loves.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: Good, as long as they don’t bother him. If they do he moves away. Same as with puppies, not a fan of little ones bugging him.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: He has shown no interesest in the cats at the rescue center. He needs a leader, so he can be the follower, which in turn, will lower his anxiety and he can be the pet he is meant to be. Calm. Confident adopter only.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: We do not recommend with children since he has had poor experiences whereas the parents did not monitor and Rowdy was hit with a plastic bat. He has since learned to defend himself if he feels threatened. Hence, a home with no children or teens. Calm homes only. No anxiety or loud noises. Normally, he is happy and content.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: He can feel threatened around unneutered males he does not know if they come up close to him. At dog parks he is fine as far as we know. He loves to explore.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who has experience with large breeds, particularly guarding types. Rowdy is content laying around the house with calm adult company and other calm dogs. He needs a calm, confident, experienced, adopter, with no anxiety, no issues and good common sense. Another playful medium or large dog is also a good match.
FAVORITE THINGS: Comfy dog bed inside the house.

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