Ryder (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Border Collie mix
AGE: 1 year old
TEMPERAMENT: Ryder is a very loving boy that likes to be around people. He’s a little insecure because he hasn’t seen the world much.
PERSONALITY: Ryder is a middle ranking dog that is very easy-going. He wants to please. He just doesn’t know what you want. He need someone to teach him. Ryder really enjoys the company of people. He does well around other dogs but has not learned to play. Here at this point prefers to be with humans but he’s coming along each day and will no doubt learn to play very soon. We don’t think he’s best for a first time pet owner. He could be around children but someone that knows the supervisor really well and only older children and teens, not young children. He’s too big, can be rambunctious if he gets to run and play, and need someone that can get him out and about in the society, dog parks and hiking. He is fairly calm though and easy-going.
BEST MATCH: This adorable big youngster is best place with someone that has an active lifestyle to take him out to the dog parks running, hiking, adventuring, teach basic training and get more socialized. He grew up on his own so he’s learning with the houses and enjoys being with people and the niceties of having a blanket, security, and someone to spend time with. With you well with someone that runs, would like a dog to bike with bike and and hike with.
FAVORITE THINGS: Camping, food, being with people, feeling safe.

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