BREED: Husky / Heeler / Border Collie mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 8 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium, 20kg
HISTORY: Sadie was living on her own for at least the past 3 months & maybe longer. She has had very little or no human contact except to beg for food. She has never come close to anyone so she was very hard to catch, but finally, did!
TEMPERAMENT: Shy & submissive. Likely fun, lively, frisky, and loving once she has been more socialized. Sadie has a wonderful soul!
PERSONALITY: Sadie has been in foster care in Canmore, Alberta for 4 weeks now (as of sept. 21). She is scared around people & afraid of new things. All she saw before was First Nations land and people near a damn coming and going on inflatable boats. She has improved immensely with her fear in just a few weeks! A few different sets of visitors have let them touch her! That’s a huge difference than when she was rescued. This was she is visibly nervous but wants the attention. She comes close to me when I’m giving my dog a lot of attention & other times runs from me. She goes from being very shy & scared to very friendly and wiggly everyday. She doesn’t know how to play. She can’t walk on a leash yet. She needs a balanced, playful dog her age to be adopted too. She’s good with small dogs and cats. Sadie is a big puppy herself. She really played pretty nicely once she learned, so she needs a dog her size.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: She’s good with other dogs. Depending on the other dog she can be a bit shy but warms up quickly.
SOCIALIZATION SKILLS/NEEDS: Needs to be socialized with people, kids, other dogs. Needs leash training, needs to learn to play with humans, needs to learn everything.
Once Sadie is feeling confident she is loving & gentle. She is still shut down for the most part, but getting better day by day!
BEST MATCH: Someone who is very patient, has a quiet home & has lots of time to earn her trust. Another balanced dog to hang out with, play, and learn from.

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