BREED: Husky/Heeler mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 6.5 weeks as of approx. March 27
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large (when full grown)
HISTORY: Surrendered by First Nations friend along with her mother. Littermates did not survive the frigid cold.
TEMPERAMENT: Sweet, loving, cuddly, spunky, gentle, funny, loves to be warm.
PECKING ORDER: The only puppy to be found alive with Mom.
PERSONALITY: Sasha is the sweetest little pup around. She loves to eat and sleep and be cuddled, kissed and carried. She loves to exercise on pathways and explore the outdoors.
BEST MATCH: Honestly, anyone. She loves everyone; humans and dogs alike.
FAVORITE THINGS: Pepperoni, cheese, yogurt, tug of war, toys, pathway strolls, chilling on the couch, play fighting. She can run pretty fast for those chubby puppy legs!
SPECIAL NOTES: From foster mom: We hope she gets the love and affection she deserves. She’s not much of a barker and is curious about other dogs. She sleeps comfortably with her Mom is the mudroom at night. Usually from 10pm through until the morning. She will pee on pee pads but she also loves to pee or poop in the dog run, or out on walks on pavement or grass. She loves her toys and to play tug of war. Sasha is great with our 2 small children and so far does not bite or chase or hurt them in any way. She loves to nap on the couch, her cozy dog bed, or bask in the sunshine on a pillow. Her mom’s personality is calm, affectionate, polite, gentle and quiet. We know she will be the perfect furever friend for someone.”

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