BREED: Shepherd/Husky mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1 year old
HISTORY: From NWT shelter, once homeless freezing starving and no one to care for her or give her any comforts. She then spend many months in a shelter and a dog kennel dog run. She was very scared in both places, unsure what was going to happen to her, fearful of the noises and no one to comfort her or take her running, her favourite and most needed thing.
TEMPERAMENT: Sparky is an active, youthful, playful young girl that is up for fun. She has a curious, sweet soul inside and out. Sparky fits her name, she is a sweet spark that is joyful, happy to be alive, happy to explore and especially happy to have somebody care about her.
PERSONALITY: Sparky is highly intelligent and intuitive, would be a good working dog and S & R or agility sports. Sparky was afraid in the shelter and doing much better in a foster home, for that matter, great! She excels at the dog park, stays nearby and checks in after she runs and plays with new dogs for fun. She is so full of joy once she knows she is safe and loved. She is no longer fearful like she was in the shelter and kennel facility where she was transported to us.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: She loves to play with dogs at the dog park! Be great in a home with another playful, active young dog that likes to spare, wrestle, and run together. She is good around cats, small dogs and children.
BEST MATCH: An adopter with active lifestyle and experienced with dogs. Sparky needs to learn their are boundaries and rules, but once you tell her she learns fast! She loves car rides, great in the house and car. An adopter to t her to off leash parks, hiking in summer. Outdoor lifestyle, biking. No couch potatoes! Sparky needs direction, learn about rules set in the house. Once she learns, she is golden! Clicker work is best!
FAVORITE THINGS: Treats (she enjoys working) and “to run”. Dog parks a must! Running is her thing. She is in heaven when getting to blast and check things out at the park.

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