Twix (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Husky Mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1.5 to 2 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Around 23 kgs/medium to large
HISTORY: Twix was found roaming a neighborhood with her mother and 4 siblings at the age of around 4 months old. They were rescued and brought to the shelter, due to repeated threats by the residents in the area that they were going to kill them. We take these threats very seriously because we have seen them carried out many times. She did well in the shelter until the scorching summer arrived where she suffered from nose bleeds, excessive shedding where she lost most of her fur and suffered from tick fever. (photo in attachment). She cannot endure another summer in Bahrain.
TEMPERAMENT: Energetic, very friendly.
PERSONALITY: Sweet, loving and playful.
PECKING ORDER: Not very docile but not an alpha either.
TRAINING: Good on a leash but not trained.
BEST MATCH: A home with other dogs, older kids.
FAVORITE THINGS: Running in the yard.
SPECIAL NOTES: She is a very fluffy dog (the only one of her siblings that is more husky) who will not make it safely through another summer at the shelter where air condition is used sparingly and temperatures reach 49 degrees celcius.

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