BREED: Pitbull mix
AGE: 7 weeks old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/Large when fully grown
HISTORY: Their Mama was found malnourished, fighting over a chicken carcass in the trash. She had had to range quite far from her puppies to find food but we knew they were out there and didn’t give up the search! Six beautiful puppies were found scared and cold taking shelter in an old mattress frame among rusted metal and rotting scraps of fabric.
TEMPERAMENT: Playful, Happy, Brave
PERSONALITY: This handsome boy is still coming in to his personality, changing and growing every day. Ziggy is just so excited to be here! Wherever here is he finds joy and brings happiness to all of us lucky enough to spend time with him. Confident when exploring the big wide world and loves to snuggle up at nap time.
PECKING ORDER: Middle ranking.
BEST MATCH: A loving and active household who will bring him up as a member of the family.
FAVORITE THINGS: New people, pups and places! Ziggy can turn a simple day in to an adventure just by showing up!

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