BREED: Keeshond
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
WEIGHT: Medium/Large (lots of fur)
HISTORY: Found wandering, homeless, very starved in N. Saskatchewan First Nations community and came to us during a rescue mission dogs were going to be shot.
TEMPERAMENT: Fluffy is a high ranking dog. Very loving, bold, outgoing, determined.
PERSONALITY: Fluffy is super sweet bordering separation anxiety. Needs firm and fair leader.
BEST MATCH: Needs firm and fair leader with positive reinforcement. He needs a home without outdoor lifestyle, best on an acreage he can be outside much of the day. He does not run off, he sticks around unless has reason to investigate. He’s a homebody. WOULD BE SUPER IF ADOPTER WHO WOULD LIKE TWO DOGS THAT LOVE EACH OTHER, HIS BEST FRIEND NOEL AND HIM ARE A GREAT MATCH! Needs adopter who would exercise him. Has yard with high fencing, he can jump over lower fencing. An adopter who is home a lot and can take him places.
FAVORITE THINGS: Snow! Playing in deep, fluffy snow! Being with people who love him. Going with walks. Hanging outside or inside with people and Noel, his favourite gal pal.
SPECIAL NOTES: Fluffy can be destructive if wants outside, or inside.

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