Ivy (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 2 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium and dainty
HISTORY: Ivy is a Forget-Me-Not dog from Almost Home Canine Rescue who rescued a dozen dogs from hoarding situation.
TEMPERAMENT: Shy, submissive.
PERSONALITY: Quite shy, curious, sweet. She is learning how to be around people and new situations. She needs a lot of space and time to get to know you.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: Excellent – not interested at all in our cat.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Fine although might be scared of loud, sudden movements and fast approaches.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Ivy is extremely shy and learning how to live inside and be a family pet, she was born homeless and then put into a hoarding situation, hence, was never socialized. She is not your regular pet dog, she needs special care and understanding as she moves forward becoming a more secure girl. She loves to be with her pack, and prefers to have other dogs around her. She has separation anxiety and will cry if there are no people or dogs around to make her feel safe. She is not a chewer and is a clean dog. She sometimes will bite at her blankets to make herself a nest. She hasn’t learned to play with toys or people yet but in time she will. She takes food very gently from hands and is not at all aggressive.
INFO FROM FOSTER MOM: She is getting lots of good exposure to new people and getting bolder and will approach us now unprompted by food. She hasn’t wanted pets yet but we are confident in time she will. She wags her tail and licks my dogs to play with them and enjoys then a lot. Here she is cuddling with our dog Pippin.
BEST MATCH: Someone who is gentle and has a calm household. She would make an affectionate second dog and will do best with another confident dog to help guide her. An adopter who cares about dogs like Ivy that had a bad start in life around humans who did not show any care and kept her confined in a filthy yard with a dozen other homeless dogs living in horrible conditions without shelter from harsh elements. Dogs like her do come around, just take time, patience, food rewards, and safe, quiet environment. Ivory needs a home with another well balanced playful dog and good fencing. Also a backyard with access to the house from the back.
FAVORITE THINGS: She loves cheese, meat (any kind) and likes to have a chew or bone. She loves to sleep on something soft with a pile of cushions and blankets. Ivy has started to play with toys. After months of not knowing how fun they can be, she has relaxed and starting playing with them. She has learned to enjoy life and not be scared all the time.