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We are NOT a public shelter – we are a private sanctuary and almost all of our animals are in foster care. For inquiries regarding adopting, fostering, volunteering, donations, tax receipts, spay and neuter refunds, training & consultations, or surrenders please click here…

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Understanding our Process for Pet Surrenders

Rory O’Neill (Director) is a professional animal behaviour specialist who is in a position to help pet owners with their decision to surrender their animal. In most cases, we will require a mandatory behaviour consult prior to accepting your animal. These consults range in cost, and are in addition to the $250 surrender fee if your surrender is approved after the consult.

Surrender Fee

Our surrender fee is $250 to cover rehabilitation, re-homing, training, housebreaking, manners, leash work, feeding, and/or potential additional veterinary bills.  We require all incoming pets to have vaccinations and be spayed or neutered prior to arriving.