Pet Surrenders

Surrendered dogs that come into our rescue organization usually need rehabilitation due to lack of proper socialization and fear and/or aggression. Although most surrendered dogs have a history of unwanted behaviour, the dogs do not want to be anxious, fearful, or aggressive, they instead want to be balanced. Rory O’Neill (our director) is a professional Dog Behaviourist, who has rehabilitated hundreds of dogs over a lifetime of working with them to become good and reliable pets. Rory meets with the pet owner who is in a position to help with the decision to surrender a pet and offer it a chance for rehabilitation and to become a member of her dog pack, a key ingredient for rehabilitating a dog.

Understanding our Process for Pet Surrenders

In most cases we request a consult with Rory at the Rescue Centre. During a consult Rory discusses with pet owner their dog’s background, recent history, reason for surrender, the pet’s needs, and level of training and if necessary, rehabilitation of the dog.

Surrender Rates

Consult rate is $150 and surrender is $350. If pet needs rehabilitation the surrender rate is $500. Rehabilitation takes time, leadership skills, socialization around other dogs and places, rules, boundaries, manners, basic training or remedial basics in most cases, and leash and off-leash around unfamiliar dogs in order to reach a point where the surrendered dog is properly and fairly trained, confident and reliable to go to a new home.

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