Over Vaccinating

The 4 Vaccines to AVOID?! ⚠️ Veterinarian’s Recommendation (YouTube)


Vaccinations (Detrimental & Unneccesary “Up-to-Date” – Actual/Factual Information About Vaccines for Pets

We do not agree with veterinarians that dogs need annual vaccines, nor every three years. In other words, they do not, and should not be UTD (up to date). We recommend two sets for puppies and one or two for adults for the balance of their life. We recommend you request a Titre test from your vet instead as over vaccinating which is basically, dangerous, not necessary, and money that should rightfully be yours. Google: The danger of over vaccinating your pet. (Most dogs sadly die of cancer.)

Every pet owner needs to watch this and pass to friends and family. It can likely save your PRECIOUS pets life, who needs you to be their advocate, (not to mention your pocketbook, we doubt you are into making donations to your veterinarian’s family) and not proceed when at vet clinic their recommendations.

Instead, our advise is to strong if feeling pressured and thank your vet much I state am going to decline. (As well as save you a ton of money and not give to someone that should not be telling you to give ongoing, dangerous amount of vaccines to your puppy, adult senior dog and cats (especially, indoor cats!)

Most dogs die of cancer, which is related in large part to toxins in pet food (no fresh veggies), and over-vaccinating causing many diseases (tumors at rabies injection site for one and brain seizures for another) as well as serious allergies (which many vets then insist you need to buy their Royal Canine (one of the worst non the market! Read ingredients…Nothing but a marketing ploy and unhealthy if not actually dangerous pet food). These vets, which are many and most the VCA Hospitals, will insist, do not give your dog ‘human food’. It’s bunch of lies and distortion, since there is nothing more healthy for your pet than vegetables (your salad too:).

You owe it to your pet to watch these, and at very least, the first one: