BREED: Maybe Akita mix or Sharpei mix
AGE: Maybe close to a year
SIZE/WEIGHT: 24″ at shoulder and around 65 pounds.
HISTORY: Dumped in the freezing cold and snow at Morley and seemed very hesitant to leave that spot, thinking his owner would return for him. With the help of the staff at Smitty’s it took two volunteers two days to earn his trust and bring him in from the cold.
TEMPERAMENT: Calm but playful. He spends most of the day laying around by the door. Outside he seems to have more energy.
PERSONALITY: Rambo is really laid back but curious about what his people are doing. Especially if he suspects food is involved. He loves attention and wants to engage with you for short periods because he doesn’t seem to have a long attention span. He loves being outside but could be prone to wander if given the freedom.
PECKING ORDER: In our house he is 2nd in the dog world. He willingly lets Kato (40lb Aussie mix) be dominant. Doesn’t react to other dogs.
CATS: Untested
TRAINING: Rambo has not had any accidents since the first night. He lets us know when he wants to go outside. He loves going for walks and being outside. We are working on not pulling and lunging at cars that pass. He is now crate trained, in the crate while we are at work and at night. He is learning basic commands.
SPAYED/NEUTERED: Neutered on 2/12
BEST MATCH: Good for low to medium active lifestyle, but needs a strong arm on leash. We are working on leash walking. He loves being outside but is happy to lay around. He hasn’t been tested with anyone under 11 so not sure how he would do. He is very interested in people of every age and loves attention.
FAVORITE THINGS: Going for walks, food, playing with foster sister, laying around and being with people. Rambo is beginning to play with toys more. He has started chewing on a nylon bone but isn’t consistent.