Breed: Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Age: Approx. 3 years old
Size: Medium, 15 – 20kg
History: The dog has been chained to a metal fence, living on a concrete floor, entirely neglected by its owners in Thailand. A visitor wrote us about him, wanting to save him from a fate of misery. She explained “Owners” provide some food, but she feeds him often, but he is still underweight. He had a severe case of worms and other infections that are shown in the photos, which are all healed now. He is still chained to the fence in his current situation, as there is nowhere else to go in Thailand. She is getting him surrendered to her and flying to us for adoption. 🙂 Please check back for flight date, but do apply to adopt if interested!
Personality: He is friendly with all humans but a barking guard dog. He has not been around children properly; I would not recommend it as he has issues with being overly touched. He has not been socialized due to his condition, but during his time with me, he has socialized with a few female dogs, which went very well; he showed signs of eagerness to play. He seems curious to explore other dogs and did not show aggressive signs during his encounter with my male dog (who was barking and acting aggressively); he also did not show signs of aggression towards smaller passersby dogs. He shows signs of aggression towards cats but has not had any proper encounters aside from roadside barking.
Favourite things: His favourite thing so far is just to be off the chain and explore, sniff, poop and pee. I try to let him off leash as much as possible when I walk him and he has ok recall.
Note: He does not like when his legs or underbelly are touched and will growl. Try to be careful when handling him as he is not used to having any human affection and it can overwhelm him if he is suddenly grabbed, hugged, or touched excessively.