BREED: Husky/Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 7 weeks (Born Jan 1, 2023)
HISTORY: Mom Tiny came from far Northern Alberta, very pregnant and had her pups within the rescue at her Foster home. Hand raised and a lot of playtime, Aspen is very loving and playful.
TEMPERAMENT: Playful/Affectionate/Social
PERSONALITY: Playful, she’s going to be a ball dog for sure, very intelligent and observant; will sometimes sit back and watch and take things in before jumping in; highly food motivated; pretty confident solid dog that doesn’t get spooked easily.
BEST MATCH: More than one dog in the home would be a huge plus; very sociable; would likely be a great family dog
FAVORITE THINGS: Loves socializing, her toy balls and food. She hates the cold!!