Ruby (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Mixed
GENDER: Female
AGE: Approx. 8 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: ~ 45 pounds
HISTORY Born and lived outdoors in frigid weather as a puppy.
TEMPERAMENT: Big gentle personality and oh so loving and playful. She does well off leash and has ‘reliable recall’. Loves the dog park and any outdoor hiking and exploring adventures she can go on. Ruby has been camping with her amazing foster mom and dad and would love a family of her own now. Also enjoys just hanging out & giving & getting cuddles.
PERSONALITY: Very quick learner and treat motivated. Knows several verbal and hand commands and is leash trained.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: Great lives with 3 at the moment and does well with other dogs.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: Good with cats first foster home had 3.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Has not had a lot of experience with small children as foster does not have any, but positive she would do well with kids with time, exposure and patience since she is so gentle (she has been spending some time around kids at the off leash dog park, skate park and while camping). Good around elderly people.
CRATE TRAINING: As a puppy was crate trained does well.
IS PET SPAYED/NEUTERED? All shots up to date and is spayed.
SOCIALIZATION SKILLS/NEEDS: Loves to play with other dogs and has good dog body language so dog parks and outdoor adventures would be great, oh and loves the water.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Well socialized with good manners and would be happy with another dog to play with. Ruby has a very sweet, loving, playful temperament.
BEST MATCH: A loving household to take her out on adventures and continue to just let her be a big beautiful loving member of the family. She loves learning and trying new things. Very attentive and responsive.
FAVORITE THINGS: Any and all squeaky toys, loves to play ‘tug of war’ with both the human pack and dog pack members, plays ball/fetch. Ruby loves to run and play and explore and be around her human/dog pack.