Pet Surrenders

Every pet that is surrendered to our rescue takes the place of another animal that is trying to survive in some of the hardest, more inhumane conditions. As much as we want to provide a sanctuary for all unwanted animals, we have limited space and resources.

Understanding our Process for Pet Surrenders

Rory O’Neill (Director) is a professional animal behaviour specialist who is in a position to help pet owners with their decision to surrender their animal. In most cases, we will require a mandatory behaviour consult prior to accepting your animal. These consults range in cost, and are in addition to the $250 surrender fee if your surrender is approved after the consult.

Surrender Fee

Our surrender fee is $250 to cover rehabilitation, re-homing, training, housebreaking, manners, leash work, feeding, and/or potential additional veterinary bills.  We require all incoming pets to have vaccinations and be spayed or neutered prior to arriving.