BREED: DSH black and white with some tabby stripes – SUPER soft fur and a ridiculously long tail that she curls up like a coil so it doesn’t drag on the floor lol.
GENDER: Female
AGE: 6 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Smaller, approx. 9lbs
HISTORY: Found with Pepper and Boots at abandoned farm in rural SK.
TEMPERAMENT: Loveable, purrs at the slightest touch. Great with cats once she got to know them but for the first day or two hissed a lot!
PERSONALITY: Now relaxed and very chatty! She talks to you constantly.
BEST MATCH: Other cats or definitely kids who will play with her or a stay home adult – my hubby is retired and he plays with her throughout the day – she seeks him out when she decides it’s playtime.
FAVORITE THINGS: Strings with feathers, feathers on bouncy balls, and water…..the shower, sinks, toilet, watering plants, your drinking glass – you name any water source and she’s right their! She also knows where the tests are kept and will sit by the drawer telling you it’s treat time. A zoomy cat who will race you around the house.