Nala (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Lab/Pitty mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 7 weeks old
SIZE (when full grown): Likely around 50 pounds
HISTORY: Nala’s mother was rescued out of a dumpster bin, spent two days in in. We followed her to her puppies, found under abandoned car seat starving and freezing.
TEMPERAMENT: Patient, but outgoing, enjoys attention and playing with her siblings.
PERSONALITY: This strong beautiful gal is ambitious, smart and enjoys the outdoors! NALA is one of the bigger pups of her litter. Nala is bright and Zesty. Enjoys to play but also relaxes for a snuggle. She is an active pup and is adorable when she gets the Zoomies. NALA has unique colouring and a lovely personality.
PETS NEEDS: Lots of love, basics when older, lots of socialization. Recall.
BEST MATCH: A loving home, with time to walk and train a young puppy. another friendly dog would be great in the family would be great.
FAVORITE THINGS: Zoomies in the grass, sitting and being snuggled. Playing with her siblings and eating.