BREED: Irish Wolfhound/Shepherd Mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 6 Weeks old (DOB Jan 1 2023)
SIZE/WEIGHT: 2.9 KG Medium/Large when full grown. Parents not that big.
HISTORY: Born within the Rescue, Tiny (mom) was found in far Northern Alberta and had her pups in foster home.
TEMPERAMENT: Loving, social.
PERSONALITY: Sass Queen, Confident, Inquisitive. She is beautiful, fearless and in charge! She goes bounding wherever you let her and is enjoying run full force into peoples laps for love and giving kisses then running away to do it all over again! She is so much fun, such a joy. Very spunky and sassy this tiny lady, she is sooo funny and absolutely reigns over her brother with no guilt😂 she is a fantastic eater and happy little girl, very inquisitive.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: VERY loving, very interested in children thus far; gravitates to young children, she loves them.
FAVORITE THINGS: She took to a lambchop stuffy immediately.