BREED: Golden Retriever mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 4 months old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: The previous owner/breeder was overwhelmed and threatend to shoot the pups because they were born “mutts”. A concerned person took them to her house and brought to us for safety.
The foster mom is on a farm with children, horses, ducks, dogs and cats! Crate trained and house manners.
TEMPERAMENT: Highly intelligent, attentive, affectionate.
PERSONALITY: Pango is a sweetheart, loves everyone, can be a tad on the timid side due to his young upbringing, yet very outgoing and playful and coming around.
PETS NEEDS: Recall skills could improve, active companion. Someone to help socialize Pango more in society, dog parks, walks, hikes, stores, etc.
BEST MATCH: This pup would excel in dog sports of any level, a family seeking a quirky, playful companion.
FAVORITE THINGS: Loves to play in water, loves other dogs and cuddles, like most dogs 🙂