BREED:  Shepherd/Heeler 
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1 year old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Approx 35lbs
HISTORY: Came from a hoarding situation in Saskatchewan, and has been in foster care since May 15. Most likely born inside the pen about 1.5-2 years ago, and only ever socialized with other hoarded dogs, with no human touch. Hoarding is not the typical feral dog situation – no aggression, just total fear of everything.
TEMPERAMENT: Very submissive, but starting to show interest/curiosity in being near people. (Yay!) She does not bark unless she is speaking directly to her foster.
PERSONALITY: She is a happy girl who enjoys sitting and watching you do yard work from her pen. Foster managed to get a collar on her, but still will not voluntarily let anyone put a leash on her, or eat from human hand. She has now identified with foster’s family and dogs as Halo’s own “pack”, and when she escaped recently, she did not run, but would pace outside her enclosure barking at foster. She would follow foster and other dogs around when went for a walk in the mornings. She came back into her enclosure the second day – loves sardines.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Had no exposure to any other types of animals, and currently shows no interest in birds, rabbits, deer, and seems to not understand that coyotes can be dangerous to a lone female dog.
SPAYED/NEUTERED, VACCINATIONS GIVEN: Dewormed, spay is on hold until she is comfortable enough with having a person close enough for her recovery without stressing her out.
MEDICAL CONCERNS/CONDITION OF TEETH: Teeth should be inspected at vet check – too timid to get close enough for a close check up at this time.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Needs quiet environment and socialization around humans, as well as dogs that can show her “normal” dog behaviours.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who realizes due to her background of never having lived outside of a pen in a hoarding environment, Halo is not a normal “feral” situation. She has never been touched by humans or had any outside contact outside the pen she was born and lived in for 2 years. She will need extensive socialization at her own pace and having seen her progress so far, we know that in due time Halo will come around and be a lovely pet. She just needs a chance. She has adapted easily to a collar, but is still not leash trained because any pressure on her neck causes her to react as if she is being strangled. Once she trusts enough to come to a human, initial leash work would begin by her dragging around a leash until you could pick it up and walk slowly without any tension.
FAVORITE THINGS: At the moment Halo’s favourite things are sardines (lol), her paddling pool with fresh water everyday to lay in, a good bone to chew on, a raised bed in the sun, her foster brothers and sisters (one of them is Oliver the cat), and people that approach very slowly. She is happy to communicate with her current foster in the evenings when it is just the two of them…and she has lots of stories to tell. 🙂 She also lets foster now know when she is feeling outside her comfort zone (ie, food is too close to human).

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