AGE: 3-4 years old
SIZE: Large
HISTORY: Bought by family in Qatar as a puppy from a breeder, then no longer wanted him when grew up. Sadly Very common in that part of the world. Its too hot for a husky in the Mid East so Leo was chosen to fly out before the government imposed dog importation ban.
Temperament: Active, outgoing boy but also likes his down time. Best to get him running outdoors for exercise.
Personality: Loves to be around others but can be bossy, not a fighter. Very social with humans and dogs.
Small dogs: With supervision, he’s not mean just doesn’t know his size, he thinks he is a chihuahua.
Children: Good with kids, but not in his face and not small kids.
Cats: Do not know
BEST MATCH: Someone who knows huskies, experienced large dog owner. Likes to take their dog to dog parks to run. Experienced reward based training methods. Outdoor lifestyle living somewhere in snow! Leo is one big gorgeous husky!