BREED: Husky Mix
AGE: Approx 8 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large, approx 30kgs
HISTORY: Blu was a house pet that was confined to a cage for 23 hrs a day in Bahrain. A small group of dog rescuers have reached out to us to help since no one is adopting him, they have many dozens of dogs needing homes both in the shelter and on the streets homeless. Blu’s luck has now changed! He is flying into Calgary in June. He came to the Bahrain shelter in 2019 when the owner was convinced to surrender him. He was aggressive, snappy, grumpy and obviously had issues due to how he had spent his life, his young life so full of energy and not be permitted to run! Blue is a husky! Running is what they do! Since then there has had a turnaround, loves running in the yard, being walked by our volunteers and is friendly with children.
TEMPERAMENT: Quiet and calm.
PERSONALITY: Sweet and friendly
PECKING ORDER: He is a loner as far as we know because he had his own kennel since coming to the Bahrain shelter because he was initially aggressive with other dogs. He has come a long way since then but as they are short staffed, they have not been able to test him recently. However, from our experience, RMAR, we rehab these dogs usually without much of a problem. Take them to the dog park and let them run, and they are in heaven! They have no desire to fight. They just want to enjoy freedom and the thrill of running!
BEST MATCH: He’s had a rough start, really improved with us and now is capable of having much more to look forward to. We are looking for experienced dog people with outdoor, snow-filled adventures.
FAVORITE THINGS: Running in the yard in Bahrain, and when arrives in Canada, we’d say, playing, running, enjoying snow! Dog parks, hikes, attention. A home! Someone to love him!
SPECIAL NOTES: He is a fluffy husky and suffers tremendously every summer in Bahrain.
TRANSPORT INFO (if needed): Flight Buddy travelling to Calgary in June with Blu.