BREED: Shepherd mix
AGE: 3 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large/20 kg
HISTORY: Pacino was tortured and left for dead in Bahrain. He was found collapsed next a garbage bin. He had a horrific open wound on his head and his mouth was sealed with a rope. At the vet it was discovered that his wound was over a week old and that it was a miracle he was still alive. He was anemic and fighting a serious infection. His road to recovery was long and difficult. His condition was so bad that the vets weren’t sure he would survive until he made it through the first couple of weeks. Pacino was trusting and patient throughout his recovery process. He was understandably wary of humans in the beginning, but he remained docile and grew to trust those who cared for him remarkably fast. Once discharged from the clinic after a full recovery, he was moved to a boarding facility where he slowly came out of his shell around humans and is now a goofy happy dogs that enjoys playing with humans and other dogs.
TEMPERAMENT: Very sweet gentle dog, nervous around strangers but warms up quickly once approached gently
PERSONALITY: friendly and enjoys cuddles, goofy, loving.
MEDICAL CONCERNS: Scarring on face but no other medical concerns. Teeth in great condition, dental scaling done recently.
NEEDS/BEHAVIOUR: Needs a gentle hand until comfortable in new surroundings. Sometimes shy but not much compared to before since getting a lot of socialization.
BEAT MATCH: Active couple or family with older kids and other dogs.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Running and playing with other dogs.
**PLEASE NOTE: Pacino is flying into Vancouver International Airport from Bahrain in the Mid East on January 6 and we are looking for someone to meet the Flight Escort and plane as well as foster him and a flying buddy named Denny. Please apply to Volunteer if like to help with that,