Alex (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Golden Retriever
AGE: 6 Years old
HISTORY: Alex was found on a highway roadside in Turkey four years ago. He had a collar so he must have an owner. People in Turkey take doggies when they’re puppy but dump them when they grow big and have a shedding problem. Mr. Breti saw him and took him, “He was so helpless and was running after cars, he was going to hit by a car” said Mr. Breti. He searched for his family on social media but nobody asked for him so he put him in a dog pension. He’s been there for 4 years.
TEMPEREMENT: A calm friendly soul.
PERSONALITY: Alex is a peaceful, easy going doggie. He’s very friendly with humans, children and other doggies and likely very good with cats.
FAVORITE THINGS: He loves food, you can make him do anything when giving him food but please remember that he shouldn’t gain weight.

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