BREED: Maremma Sheep dog mix
AGE: Born: 5 years old
HISTORY: A surrender from a family with young boy who made loud noises in Rowdy’s face, hit him with plastic bat. Parents unfortunately could not control the child. Grandmother surrendered due to biting someone reaching for him in a high stress environment. Rowdy arrived to us terrific of all people and dogs, even little dogs. He loves people and likes to play with dogs his size.
TEMPERAMENT: Rowdy is calm natured. He enjoys quiet environment. He is a loyal dog best for one or two persons. He can be determined to do as wants so needs calm guidance. Rowdy is a very sensitive, Loving, devoted dog. He can be a bit of guard dog if left in yard if sees anything he can bark at it. He stops as soon as you tell him. He listens well and very smart. Very intuitive. He had a past history abuse, hence can be on guard so we do not recommend with children.
PERSONALITY: Very loyal wants he knows you. Happy around people who are friendly. No busy environments, he likes calm, quiet places without much activity.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: Good, as long as they don’t bother him. If they do he moves away. Same as with puppies, not a fan of little ones bugging him. No puppies or young kids.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: He shows no interesest in the cats at the Rescue Centre. He is around them all the time and very good with cats.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Rowdy is good around cats and loves to play with dogs he knows. At first he can be fearful of them but after he trusts, he loves to play with dogs his size. We have many videos of him playing if would like to see them.
BEST MATCH: He is a good match as the only dog or even better, a dog that loves to run and chase and wrestle with another dog. Rowdy is content chilling in the house with calm adult company and dogs and cats. He needs a calm, confident, experienced adopter. We are looking for an adopter that isn’t looking for a big cuddly type dog since he can feel stressed if hugged too much or people reach for him. Responsible adopter who understands Rowdy doesn’t always trust people reaching for him especially if they are stressed out, he can pick up on it. Highly sensitive dog. An adopter who is not a pushover, can set rules and boundaries. Rowdy could use more work on a recall. He’s so good in the house and yard. He is housebroken, no separation anxiety, and can be left by himself trusted in the house. No crates for him. No force. An adopter who wants a good, loyal, true companion. Again, not someone looking for a cuddly dog rather, a companion to take on car rides, be at home with you, and maybe play with another dog since he recently learned and loves it!
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with dogs he knows that want to wrestle and chase. Comfy dog bed inside the house in living room and bedroom for nighttime. Car rides. He could use leash work since can pull if sees something like a squirrel. Being around someone who loves him.