BREED: Maremma Sheep dog/Karelian Bear dog
AGE: Born: 5 years old
HISTORY: A surrender from a family with young boy who made loud noises in Rowdy’s face, hit him with plastic bat. Parents unfortunately could not control the child. Grandmother surrendered.
TEMPERAMENT: Rowdy is calm natured. He enjoys quiet environment. He is a loyal dog best for one or two persons. He can be determined to do as wants so needs calm guidance. He’s sensitive, Loving, devoted.
PERSONALITY: Very loyal wants he knows you. Happy around people who are friendly. No busy environments, he likes calm, quiet places without much activity.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: Good, as long as they don’t bother him. If they do he moves away. Same as with puppies, not a fan of little ones bugging him. No puppies or young kids.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: He shows no interesest in the cats at the Rescue Centre. He is around them all the time.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: We do not recommend with children since he has poor experience. A Home with no kids or teens.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: He can feel threatened around unneutered males he does not know if they come up close to him. At dog parks he is fine. He loves to explore and go for walks.
BEST MATCH: He is a good match as the only dog or another calm dog. An adopter who has experience with large breeds, particularly guarding types. Rowdy is content laying around the house with calm adult company and other calm dogs. He needs a calm, confident, experienced adopter, with no anxiety in the household. Someone who is confident to tell and guide a dog to where they want it to go and what to do. No pushovers. Positive, confident energy. No force or sudden movements or many guests.
FAVORITE THINGS: Comfy dog bed inside the house. Going for leash walks or car rides. Walking around Dog parks. Being around someone who loves him.