Sadie (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Lab mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 2.5 to 3 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium, approx. 40lbs
HISTORY: Sadie was rescued by a lady who helps homeless dogs in far northern High Level on First Nations communities. Sadie has broken teeth from previously living at a house being chained up. She has had multiple litters of puppies. Currently Sadie is ending her nursing of ten puppies.
TEMPERAMENT: Sadie is a true love. She is very gentle around her chosen people. She gets excited when she hears that its walk time or time for a car ride. At home she is very calm.
PERSONALITY: Sadie is a little love. She loves spending time away from her puppies, enjoying walks. She is an eager learner and is starting to master her basic commands. She has also started crate training and house breaking.
BEST MATCH: Sadie’s best match would be a person or family who is enjoys the out doors. She loves her walks. She also enjoys time on grass. Every morning I can count on her rolling around with a goofy face in the grass. Sadie is currently living with two cats and is slowly learning that cats are not to chase. That being said, a house without cats would be best. Sadie also needs a family who is willing to continue with her basic training. Sadie is a sensitive dog, she truly loves humans. I think she would make an amazing therapy dog or volunteer dog. Sadie is currently living with a 3 month old. She shows no sign of aggression but a house with older children would be preferable to one with younger children.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food, attention, pats and walks. Sadie hasn’t quite figured out how to dog. With time she will be able to enjoy all the comforts and toys of being a dog. She loves the lake! Playing in water, she’s a total water dog!

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