Teeny (Adoption Pending)

Breed: St. Bernard/Husky mix
Gender: Female
Age: 7 weeks old
Size: Medium/Large when full grown
History: One of Eleven siblings born to their beautiful Mama who was rescued living in a trash pile at dump, now named Lola, the mom was brought in after found living in trash at a dump and very shortly thereafter gave birth to a gorgeous litter.
Personality: Our biggest girl found her feet and voice the fastest of them all. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to try anything and everything to get it! Teeny is tenacious, entertaining & loves attention. She is a bright and happy puppy who is as content playing alone as she is with her family. Teeny is the first to grab a new toy and loves every minute of learning all about it. She will be best matched in an active and playful home and can’t wait to meet her new family. Teeny is such a sweetheart!

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