BREED: Ridgeback/Pitty/Lab mix
APPROX. AGE: 3.5 years old
SIZE: Medium/Large
HISTORY: Luna lived with an elderly couple on First Nations, outside on her own, in far N. Alberta. She was found badly burned after ran through fire to save herself during huge out of control forest fires. Everyone was evacuated, but Luna was left behind, trapped. So she ran for it when fire surrounded her. Which meant, through fire. She was found with infection on her legs and belly due to the burns. The person that found her took to vet for treatment. The previous couple lost their home so nowhere for Luna to go. Abandoned at the vet clinic, she spent 6 months in a cage in northern Alberta, no one adopting her.
TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate and smart. Super Outgoing, very playful, vivacious, determined, extremely smart. No cats, she chases them. We advise Leadership skills with dogs and no small dogs.
PERSONALITY: Goofy, tons of energy to run and chase other dogs for fun. Loyal, loving. Has a great recall on her from far distance. Luna is powerful. She runs like the wind, like racehorse. She is a great watch dog but not a big barker. She will alert you to something nearby, but come running to you when called. Luna looks at you with her big brown eyes looking for direction, communication. She is super smart.
PETS NEEDS: Big yard or acreage to run, dog parks to run, other big or medium dogs to run and rough play with. Experienced dog adopter. Good leader with rules and boundaries, reward based training. She needs large space to run and preferably with another young playful dog that also likes to run. They have a great time running and wrestling together. She enjoys car rides however, best as a home dog since in the car when sees other dogs she wants to get out to play. Best not placed with owner that wants to walk pet on leash, unless want to jog/run. Luna loves and needs free running on large property. She will run around property having the time of her life, full force running enjoying the sheer joy to run. She hangs out on the deck afterwards. She is also crate trained when need be. Not the best candidate for leash walking. Best running off leash in large fenced area or isolated area. She loves running with other dogs. Ok on leash after big time running. She’s a joy to watch, she has so much fun going out to run in the morning!
BEST MATCH: Adopter with active life style, experience with active dogs, running, biking, ski-touring, other playful sturdy young dog to run with. Luna does well in cold weather, as long as not far below, for a dog with short fur. No cats, she chases them outside. Inside cats she is ok, but would not trust her at this point alone with them. Luna has a powerful build, but doesn’t jump on you, we have worked with her on manners. No small kids nonetheless. She ideally makes an incredible companion on an acreage. SOMEONE LOOKING FOR A GUARD DOG. SHE WILL alert you if animals or people around. She is quiet when you tell her and comes running when called. Very amazing dog.
FAVORITE THINGS: Running! Running with other dogs around large property. Chasing, wrestling other young active dog. Lounging around the house after good run. Food, she acts like still starved. She loves car rides and great on long rides. Not great when sees other dogs by the car or she barks. During those times, a crate may be a good way to go. Running, playing with other dogs running. Chilling afterwards in house.

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