BREED: Lab mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1.5-2 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Approximately 50 pounds
HISTORY: Sweet Bella has suffered the consequences of being left behind during a huge NWT fire evacuation. She had belonged to an older couple in NWT Katlodeeche First Nation. Her family lost their home in the fires in May of 2023. Bella was left behind when her family evacuated and was left tied up outside at the time of the fires and evacuation. We don’t know how she managed to get off the tether but she sustained bad burns. Bella was found running and badly injured from burns on the reserve and was taken in by a caring woman. The burns became more infected and Bella was taken to urgent medical care in Fort Vermillion. Bella had severe burns on her underbelly and legs no doubt from fire reaching her as she was running. She fully recovered from her wounds but her family did not take Bella back because their home burned to the ground. We were contacted by the caring rescuer to help Bella, who helped coordinate staying with other evacuees during hotel stays, trip to Edmonton and on to Calgary to one of our foster homes. Bella has been friendly to all of the dogs and adults she has interacted with thus far on her way.
TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY: Sweet, affectionate, energetic. She likes to be with people and the company makes her feel safe. Bella is very active and learning how to be a pet dog with indoor life, car rides, parks, basic obedience and socialization.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: We don’t know about small dog but she has been good with other dogs.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: She chases them, we recommend no homes with cats inside or out.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: She has not been with children in our care but likely would love time with them however, given how active and young Bella is, we suggest a young couple or individual who has an active outdoor lifestyle and would like a buddy to join them in sharing their life.
CRATE TRAINING: She is house trained and indicates to go outside. We starting conditioning her to a crate at meal time and she is doing fine. We wanted to be able to housebreak, be certain no destruction, and is fostered in a home with a cat and two other dogs so want to make sure the cat is safe as well as dogs all get along when fosters gone from the house.
SOCIALIZATION SKILLS: She bas been socializing with other dogs and doesn’t appear to be reactive. She has been socializing well and is very friendly with new adults she meets.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: She does well in the house, has done well with other dogs. She pulls and is reactive on a leash (will need training to learn how to walk without pulling).
BEST MATCH: Active individual or couple who likes hiking, dog parks, maybe running and biking. Bella would excel in those areas.
FAVORITE THINGS: Toys, comfy bedding, running, human affection and company.

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