BREED: St. Bernard/Husky/Shepherd mix
AGE: 11 months as of March 2024
SIZE/WEIGHT: 65 pounds, Medium/Large
HISTORY: Dumped in the freezing cold and snow at gas station in First Nations. Two volunteers three days to earn his trust and bring him in from the freezing barren cold.
TEMPERAMENT: Calm but playful. He spends most of the day laying around by the door. Outside he seems to have more energy and loves being out and playing.
PERSONALITY: Rambo is really laid back but curious about what his foster family is doing. Especially if he suspects food is involved. (He had gone without food for some time.) He loves attention and wants to engage with people now that he trusts. He loves being outside but could be prone to wander if given the freedom. He likely is good with cats and kids but not currently living with any. His personality leans towards being really good. He is such a sweet, lovable guy, like a big teddy bear! He is a middle ranking boy.
INFO FROM FOSTER MOM AFTER FIRST FEW DAYS: “He has started to initiate a little play. We went to the dog park yesterday. At first he was very cautious and wanted to hang out close to the entrance. He had to be led away from the gate on a leash but seemed happy. The more time we were there, the more relaxed he got. He also was non reactive to any dogs that came to say hello. He didn’t show interest in them but he allowed them to do their thing without engaging. Our dog attempted to get Rambo to play but I think it was all too new. At home, they play quite well.”
BEST MATCH: An adopter to engage his brain providing physical activities running. Dog parks and hiking be great! Rambo is very eager and smart and would benefit from learning new things. (He would excel with clicker work.). Good for medium active lifestyle. Needs running outdoor off leash since on leash pulls too much at this time. He loves being outside but is happy to lay around especially after being born and living outside with no comfort or anybody that cared about him. He is very interested in people of every age and loves attention.
FAVORITE THINGS: Going for walks, food, playing with foster sister, laying around and being with people. Rambo is beginning to play with toys now that he’s learned what they are. He has started chewing on a Nyla-wishbone.

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