BREED: Cane Corso/Mastiff mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1.5 year old
SIZE/WEIGHT: 40kg, Large
HISTORY: Beautiful masttiff Roxy was abandoned by a backyard breeder in BC when she was quite young in April 2023. Her mother and father also dumped, were both found and rescued but Roxy was more fearful and left to wander the community and fed by caring neighbours. This continued throughout last summer, the SPCA were contacted about a homeless, fearful dog, they intended on euthanizing Roxy, said the dog was too challenging for resources available to work with!! That is the BCSPCA, a charity for animals! that constantly asks for money, to what? It’s constant! Kill more dogs than they save! Several attempts were made to catch Roxy by both the SPCA and a couple of neighbours, all failed. No one was able to get close to her, she would eat food given to her from a distance but if anyone got too close she would feel threatened and run. Due to the weather turning colder and the belief that she was possibly pregnant, caring neighbours got a humane trap and caught her at the end of October. Roxy has been with them since and looking for a furever home. They were the first people to show her kindness and what it is like to be a pet and have food, safety, comfort.
More History: Roxy was abandoned at a nearby property when a couple divorced and left the address going their separate ways. This dog, “Roxy” was part of a litter, of which there were many according to neighbours. She was sold and returned months later under a cloud, exactly what occurred no one knows but she returned to the owner, breeder, emaciated, petrified and wouldn’t engage with anyone. Roxy was inhumanely left in a crate at the property, not having any socialization and when the divorce ensued, she was just turned loose and abandoned. Roxy was scared of everyone and everything bolting off property when someone attempts to show kindness, however, she is becoming more and more tame and loving each day with her rescuers. 4 months she ran from people, including and thank goodness, the BCSPCA that wanted to catch to euthanize her!! Kind neighbours continued to feed her through the fence, slowly developing some trust, especially towards two people that regularly took her food. She started to take food out of their hand, accepting pats. When the BCspca became involved due to people calling to help her, the inspector made is more than clear that they have resources (only a lot of money for themselves!) for her training and socialization, and she would definitely be euthanized if and when caught. (And this is an Animal registered charity with authority to remove dogs from people, and will remove shy dogs to put them to death! The neighbours went to town getting a trap to save her.
PERSONALITY: Loves people she trusts. She is quiet and submissive. Certainly never deserving to of been euthanized!
TEMPERAMENT: Quiet, calm, can be nervous in new situations but better each day. Affectionate when trust is established.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Not known but probably good
SOCIALIZATION SKILLS/NEED: Until trapped Roxy was semi feral, being she was a puppy never handled and then abandoned by breeder (typical of breeders:(She has since come a long way with her foster rescuers. Ongoing socialization is needed. Along with Patience, reward based training, walks on leash.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Being Roxy had been abandoned during her short life, she needs consistency, someone to prioritize her development long term. A person to call her own. She does well with a calm respectful dog. Roxy has displayed fear in passing through doorways and gates, she is reluctant to do so and needs encouragement. That is typical of dogs never been in a house, and in short time, they start walking through like a normal pet. A well balanced playful dog would be a good match, helps dogs come out of their shell and teaches them to play.
PLEASE NOTE: Fosters in Williams Lake, BC, 8 hours from Calgary, but will drive to the right adopter in Alberta or BC.

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