Rusty (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Domestic short hair
AGE: 1 year old
HISTORY: Found in dump under bin. He had been abandoned in freezing cold of winter.
PERSONALITY: Rusty is the sweetest and most loving cat you will ever meet. He is so affectionate. He likes to be picked up and carried around, and he will often face you, hug you, and try to rub his face on yours while he’s in your arms. This handsome boy will stare lovingly at you while you snuggle, and he seems very grateful for the love that he gets. He has the biggest, rumbliest purr that goes constantly when he is getting attention. Rusty is very vocal! He makes adorable grunting and grumbling sounds whenever anyone walks by him, and he meows when he is excited or when he needs something. Rusty is very forgiving about everything. He’s even good in cars, on a leash, and getting his nails clipped! He plays hard and sleeps hard.
PET NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Rusty needs to be in a home where he will have a human who is able to give him lots of love. He will continue to do better on his own as he gets more comfortable in his new home, but he will need a lot of comfort and reassurance at the beginning. He also needs some sort of safe access to the outdoors such as a catio or supervised time on a leash and harness outside. He is so good on walks! He is an active boy, and sleeps better during the night if he is given the chance to get some energy out during the day. Rusty will need a home that is patient and willing to work with him while he gets integrated into the home.
BEST MATCH: Rusty would be best in a home where he gets lots of attention, with people willing to take him outside for walks and/or supervised time on his leash and harness. He needs humans who provide patience, love, and care. He would be fine in a home with kids, seems to be good with dogs, and is affectionate with other cats that are non-threatening. He would likely be fine with a small female feline friend or a kitten. He does not seem to do well with other adult male cats as he is very dominant.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Rusty loves snuggles and attention, kneading on soft blankets, spending time outside, eating, and playing with toys. He adores balls and catnip toys, but really isn’t picky about what he plays with as long as he’s in the mood to play. He also loves scratching on his cardboard scratcher. He adores his wet food and dry food, but weirdly does not seem all that interested in treats!

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