Poppy (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross/hound mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE/DOB: 1 year old, Oct 30, 2016
SIZE: Large
HISTORY: Rescued from a Korean Dog Meat farm. These are horrendous places dogs are born into, barren, filthy, scary, starving, and completely deprived of everything decent in the world. One of our Facebook followers messaged us they were going to S. Korea to study and could bring a rescued dog back. Here is Poppy in a safety shelter before flying to Canada.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Timid, but shows signs of being curious and playful. Food motivated. Likes to chew! Her full personality should come out as her confidence builds.
BEST MATCH: A home with a balanced medium or large dog who can show her the ropes on how to be a dog and someone interact with her. A patient human guardian. We don’t recommend young kids as she’s still finding herself and needs people who understand that she needs time. She has a mild form of post traumatic stress, which in time, disappears as they learn they are safe and how to be a pet dog.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food! Chews! She likes to rip at her toys so be aware of your shoes, blankets, etc. She needs to learn what she can and cannot chew. Her fosterer has been working on that (lost a couch blanket!).
NOTES: Poppy is good with all sizes of dogs (currently lives with a Chihuahua and a Rottweiler). Barks at fosterer’s geckos when she sees them!

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