BREED MIX: Australian Heeler / Cattle dog
APPROX. AGE: 1 1/2 years old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: From the Puerto Vallarta SPCA.
MEDICAL: Poppy has a neurological problem so he is not your usual dog you see for adoption. It causes him to drag his front paw when walking and stare sometimes at the wall (although, this has subsided considerably since he has arrived. He’d need a dog bootie and walks on something other than concrete so short walks and hikes are best. Please message us for more information about his condition.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Poppy is loving to people he knows, often fearful of people he doesn’t, hence will bark at them. No condo’s please…
BEST MATCH: An adopter with patience, compassion, a mild, low key lifestyle. An adopter not interested in going to dog parks since we’ve learned Poppy is fearful when confronted by a lot of dogs and activity. He prefers dogs and people he knows. Can’t blame him, we all do! 🙂 Not a home we’d place with children or other small animals. He lives with a big dog now and plays with it in his foster home. Poppy can be food aggressive, partly due to past starvation on the streets of Puerto Vallarta when he was homeless and starving. It’s recommended to let him eat in peace in his crate or a room by himself so he can enjoy his meal and not feel needs to protect it. We are interested in finding an adopter who is interested in the not-so-perfect dog and work with Poppy on his quirks. He still has many good attributes too!
NEEDS: An adopter who has patience on walks since Poppy needs to learn to walk without barking and pulling if other dogs go by. Or, a big yard to play with her in! And use a clicker for Reward Based training to teach how to behave when walking, more so than, how not to be….Our director is a professional dog behaviour specialist so can work with adopter to help Poppy with his needs. Poppy is a bit of a challenge, but not all dogs are perfect and not all adopter’s want to take their dog to parks and around a lot of people or have children.
FAVORITE THINGS: Attention and hugs from people he trusts and loves.


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