Frida is a sweetheart of a dog with a very sensitive soul who, despite having a rough start in life, absolutely loves people. You can tell her little heart has been broken in the past and all she wants is to have the security of being with her people forever. She tends to Velcro herself to you and wants as much love and cuddles as she can get. With a little work on trust building and confidence, her new owners will realize they have hit the jackpot with this one. She is a nice medium size, weighing in at only 30lbs, she would do well in either an apartment or a home. At her foster house, she loves to sit next to her foster parents and do a trust fall backwards into them to get belly rubs. She also likes to do a cute half summersault at your feet to get a good butt rub. It should be noted that her biggest issue that she is working on is that she does show some guarding of her food if another dog goes near her while eating. She is currently fed in her crate which works well and gives her a feeling of safety. She doesn’t however have an issue taking treats alongside her foster siblings and will sit nicely, waiting her turn.

Activity Level: Frida is the best of both worlds. She is a super chill dog at home but is also very agile and a good runner. She would make a good running or hiking buddy, or she would also just be happy just getting a good walk in every day. I think she would be an amazing dog to try agility training with.

Other dogs: Frida has not shown any reactivity on leash, and she does well meeting other dogs who are both on leash and off leash. In the home, Frida can be a bit dog selective and would do well as either an only dog or with an easy going, confident dog who Freda can shadow to help build her own confidence.

Kids: Frida would do well in a home with children 10yrs or older who understand that she sometimes needs her space and should be left alone when eating. She is also still working on not putting her paws up on people (although she adorably does this to be picked up and carried).

Training: Frida is a smart girl who takes correction well, is treat motivated and just wants to please her owners. She is fully house trained and is good at walking on leash with very little pulling. She does well in her crate when left home alone and is doing better at sleeping in it at night. It is obvious that she was previously allowed up on a bed to sleep at some point. She is accepting of the crate at night but would probably love a home that would allow her to come up for morning snuggles. Her new owners should expect to continue to work with her on her training as she does like to gently put her paws up on people, pulls a little bit on leash at the start of walks (she heals and loose leash walks nicely once she burns off some energy), and shows food guarding tendencies towards other dogs.

Likes so far: All the snuggles and love, belly rubs, squeaky toys (especially balls), being close to her people, donut beds.

Dislikes: Vacuums, nail clippers (she will probably need to go to the groomers to get this done), dogs in her personal space when eating.

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