Jade (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shephard mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: Approx 1 year old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium sized, 45-50 lbs
HISTORY: Sweet Jade was found on a snowy day, scared, starving and going through trash for a bite to eat. She bears the scars of a hard life, having previously had a litter she suffered frost bite on her teats. She is currently healing from an unwitnessed attack from another dog that tore her ears and left bite marks all across her hind quarters. She was full of worms and a course of treatment has been started. Her skin was in poor condition which is already improving due to a good diet and access to as much water as she needs! Snow and ice being her only option for hydration for so many months, she initially didn’t recognize a water bowl. She is slowly but surely adjusting to her new surroundings.
TEMPERAMENT: Cautious in new environments but coming out of her shell more and more every day!
PERSONALITY: Despite this rough start in life Jade is friendly with every human she meets, incredibly grateful for a meal and warm place to lie down. It took a while to encourage her to enter the home, clearly never having been inside before. New experiences are being introduced in a manner that will not overwhelm her so she has not been on a walk yet but does allow a collar and leash and will follow you once leashed up. She trusts people cautiously but quickly and leans right in for some love.
She came to us absolutely exhausted and is beginning to realize that she doesn’t have to be alert every second and watching her back for danger. She now sleeps deeply and peacefully in her crate.
PETS NEEDS/ BEHAVIORAL INFO: For obvious reasons Jade is wary of other dogs and requires a calm introduction. Has not been tested with cats or children but there are zero concerns.
BEST MATCH: Jade will thrive in an active family, would be a great camping companion and will benefit greatly from activities like hiking and running at the dog park!
FAVORITE THINGS: Now Jade is enjoying the comforts of a home her favorite things are soft blankets and the times the whole household is in the kitchen together, revelling in the affection and company of the family while hoping for scraps from the stove.

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