BREED: Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 5 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/24 kg
HISTORY: Zelda was found as a young dog, scared and alone in dangerous Bahraine, known for cruelly killing homeless and owned dogs. Thankfully a kind rescuer brought her to the shelter where she has lived her whole life. The shelter is over crowded and overwhelming with over 300 saved dogs. Zelda retreated into her shell. She was fortunate enough to go into foster care with one of our volunteers, who felt sorry for her and wanted to see her flourish. She has been in foster for almost a year and has gained so much confidence, and is finally starting to be a real dog, however her foster is supposed to travel soon and she runs the risk of being brought back to the shelter.
TEMPERAMENT: Gentle and calm
PERSONALITY: She is shy around strangers but accepts affection and will warm up with time. She likes to play with other dogs once comfortable.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Good with other dogs
MEDICAL CONCERNS: She had skin issues from the extreme heat. Treated for tick fever and ear infection but has not had any medical issues since.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: She needs a home willing to be patient in the beginning because she’s shy around strangers.
BEST MATCH: home with other dogs as this helps her confidence.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with other dogs, going for walks, kind people, exploring outside, relaxing in a home after running or walking.
SPECIAL NOTES: Message from foster – The first day Zelda came she was very nervous and scared I set an area aside for her to decompress and get used to the other dogs in the house. It took about 7-9 days before she was comfortable and would come further then her bed and area with out having to put on a leash and walk her outside to use the bathroom. She is house trained and hasn’t had any accidents since she has been with me. She is now much more comfortable will play with the other dogs, greets me when I get home and has gotten on the couch with me. She still hangs back when other dogs are around that are more confident but she has started to come up to me so I can give her attention. She is still nervous when new people come into the house but will just go and sit elsewhere. I have an enclosed front yard and will leave the door open and she will move freely from inside to outside. She does get nervous with quick movements and will crouch down. She has found her voice and will bark at people she hears passing the house or other dogs. Loves to go on walks and is very good on leash and ignores dogs and people while walking She comes when I call and loves to be petted and cuddled. Once she is comfortable her confidence does build.

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